Vimal Bhalodia
Balloon Father

Vimal not only came up with the idea — he's also the technical mastermind behind the operation.

"I've got this crazy idea..."

Launches 1, 2, 3, 4

Heather Brundage 

Heather amplifies the awesome and leads the logistics. Whether it's figuring out how to secure the payload, navigate the farm fields, or wrangle the crew — she's got this!

"Let's do it! And...done."

Launches 1, 2, 3, 4

David Blaikie
Stunt Driver

Dave's extra-long arms are deft at guiding the chase car over hill and dale, holding the balloon during filling, and retrieving payloads from rattlesnake-infested swamps.

"Go-Go-Gadget arms!"

Launches 3 & 4

Clare Bayley
Task Master

Clare's authoritative voice guides us through the launch procedure with ease. Also, she brings the big drones.

"Ensure space is clear of anything that could puncture the balloon (including birds....and drones)."

Launches 1 & 4

Peter Alau 
Armored Support Crew 

The Peter action figure comes equipped with motorcycle and full body armor — perfect for braving the hazardous conditions of balloon retrieval. He does all his own stunts. And yours.

"A few more inches and I would have been soaking wet!"

Launch 2

Charlene Justin
Javed Samuel
Balloon Crew
Balloon Crew
Launch 1
Launch 1

Rachel Lancaster
Justin House
Balloon Crew
Balloon Crew
Launch 2
Launch 2

Nancy Yang
Launch 2
Launch 4

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