Leftover Helium

WARNING: As mentioned in Safety First, please note that inhaling helium is dangerous and can result in injury or death. We do not promote inhaling helium, but if you do, be safe:
  1. Never inhale helium from the tank (or any other pressurized source) as it could damage your lungs, killing you instantly. We partially fill a practice balloon with excess helium and then inhale from that balloon.
  2. Do not take more than one breath of helium at a time. After an inhalation, breath air normally for a few minutes.
  3. STOP if you feel lightheaded!

At the end of a launch, sometimes the helium tanks aren't completely empty, and so we experiment with altering our voice using helium. Since it is lighter than air, it changes the resonate frequency of your vocal tract and therefore the timbre of your voice.

Here, for your viewing pleasure and amusement, we present the results of our experiments:

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